Astaxanthin dht blocker

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    Nice article. I’m convinced that Boron, is an essential nutrient(and here in the states we have one of the lowest intakes of it), They’ve found so many ways that its beneficial(hormone, bone, joint….) for health) and almost no negative effects until absurd amounts are given. Boric acid is used in automotive oil as a colloid. It has the unusual property that the higher the pressure the more it lubricates. I think it may do the same in humans(it is concentrated in joint fluid). I had shoulder joint pain that prevented me from benching-3 days of 30mg/day boron eliminated it. Also note that boron is highly concentrated in the heart and testes.

    Astaxanthin dht blocker

    astaxanthin dht blocker


    astaxanthin dht blockerastaxanthin dht blocker