Boldenone injection

Decadron injection (dexamethasone) is an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant agent with only minimal mineralocorticoid properties. It is used in the treatment of shock, cerebral edema, allergic conditions, inflammatory diseases, bacterial meningitis, tuberculosis, and meningitis, and in the prevention of hyaline membrane disease in premature infants and the prevention of cancer chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. Dexamethasone sodium phosphate injection is available in 4- and 24-mg/mL strengths. Both strengths contain, per mL, creatinine (8 mg), sodium citrate (10 mg), sodium bisulfite (1 mg), methylparaben ( mg), propylparaben ( mg) and sodium hydroxide to adjust pH and water for injection. The 24-mg/mL also contains disodium edetate ( mg). The pH of the solutions is in the range of 7 to . The injection contains not more than USP endotoxin units per mg of dexamethasone Dexamethasone sodium phosphate (C^sub 22^H^sub 28^FNa^sub 2^O^sub 8^P, MW ) occurs as a white or slightly yellow crystalline powder. It is odorless or has a slight odor of alcohol and is very hygroscopic. It is freely soluble in water and slightly soluble in

The propionate is one of main injectable form of Testosterone is a leader among all anabolic steroid products. It deservedly holds the first place already for a long period of time. This is a high-quality product acting as pure Testosterone and providing strong androgenic and anabolic action. We offer you products of several Testosterone brands in different forms, so every sportsman can find the most suitable one. All Testosterone forms are well-tolerated because of their natural origin and high quality. Testosterone Propionate can be used during all cycle periods.

BUY Genesis Bolde 250 Quantity:                       10 ml x 250 mg/ml = 2500mg Chemical Contents:         Boldenone Undecylenate Manufacturer:                 Genesis Meds Boldenone is a regarded as a lean form of Deca. Boldenone Undecylenate is a derivative of testosterone, which exhibits strong anabolic and moderately androgenic properties. The undecylenate ester greatly extends the activity of the drug (the undecylenate ester is only one carbon atom longer than decanoate), so that clinically injections would need to be repeated every two or three weeks. Boldenone exhibits a pronounced effect on lean body weight, appetite and general disposition. This compound is also said to show a marked ability for increasing red blood cell production. Not a rapid mass builder, instead Boldenone will be looked at to provide a slow but steady gain of strength and quality muscle mass. The most positive effects are seen when it is used for longer periods, usually lasting more than 8-12 weeks in duration. The muscle gained should not be the smooth bulk seen with some androgens, but very defined and solid. Since water is not contributing greatly to the diameter of the muscle, much of the size gained can be retained after use has been discontinued. Although it stays active for a much longer time, Boldenone is often injected at least once per week. Typical in the range of 200-400mg per week for men, 50-75 mg per week for women. BUY Genesis offers Boldenone Undecylenate 250mg/ml...

Boldenone injection

boldenone injection


boldenone injectionboldenone injectionboldenone injectionboldenone injectionboldenone injection