Do female produce testosterone

Leaving aside the fact that he had very little data to draw on, and that this could be a manifestation of arrogant masculinity telling women what their sexuality “should” look like, it might just be that there really was some truth in what he was saying…. to this extent: that generating a functional orgasm through G spot stimulation is entirely possible in women whose G spot has been sensitized (or has never shut down due to trauma). The vagina is innervated with a different set of nerves than the clitoris, and those nerves are linked to sexual responsivity.

A few thoughts:
– Women’s bodies may be designed to be more heat-retentive, and trigger the cooling mechanism (perspiration) more slowly, or less vigorously.
– Measuring the sweating and temps during the session itself may not be giving a complete picture of the gender differences. They should be measuring the perspiration flow and body temps for at least two hours after the session. It might turn out that women’s cooling mechanisms take longer to kick in, but stay on longer, and both genders wind up with the same results. In short, men’s bodies may rally dramatically to bring down those high temps, but the effect may wear off faster than women, whose bodies take longer to get into gear, but sustain the temp-lowering mechanism for longer.
– Women’s bodies may allow for more variation in temperatures without harm, compared to men’s bodies. Unless that’s been disproven, it should be taken into consideration.
– The estrogen status of the women should be measured as well, and examined for any correlations between sweat output and hormone level. It would be interesting to see if there are any comparative differences in a 25-year-old cohort of men and women vs. a 55-year-old group, all other factors being equal.

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Do female produce testosterone

do female produce testosterone


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