Eq cursed cycle

Wow. You are so right! I used to be a pushover with women until I learned that they can’t be reasoned with. Once I started disciplining women with spankings, my girlfriend gained a new found respect for me that she never had before. All women want to be put in their place, but feminism has everyone messed up in the head. Women are so into the 50 shades of grey thing because most men are like the sissies in this comment section asking for this man’s head. That’s why your girlfriend/wife will cheat on you. You have no authority.

@Richard Butler - Yes, bigger is better. But bigger is also bigger. And bigger/better tends to have diminishing returns to the average user. You're coming from the position of a pixel peeper, because after all, that is your job: to measure things that the naked eye can't see at normal viewing distances. I'm just saying that for most users of this camera, it'll be better than lugging around a big FF DSLR lens of comparable spec. This is kind of the bane of technical equipment review sites: we get into the minutiae of equipment and testing and numbers, and in doing so it can take us farther away from actual photography. You are absolutely right. And what would these sites do without all this technical equipment minutiae talk? But the conversation is also a bit sad. (Although I'm sure there are some here who are getting super excited about it). Sure, I suppose I should have said "It sure beats carrying around a 600mm f/11 on FF".

Secondly, I have to say this. I think I finally can pinpoint exactly where Kim Rae Won's character baffles some not all viewers. He is basically a second male lead perfect all throughout but he is the main lead and guess what its pretty safe to assume he will get the girl. And I think he is a very well balanced character too. I know many people wouldn't notice the subtle shifts in his acting but he is corny and cheesy when its needed and mature and professional when its required. He was in control and completely professional while handling the accident and later the awake surgery. He also took a step back when he was jealous. You don't notice this but its very likable traits in a person. So, I was happy when Hye Jung took his hand at the end. He took a step forward and now she has taken one step forward towards him. That's my kinda girl!

Eq cursed cycle

eq cursed cycle


eq cursed cycleeq cursed cycle