Equipoise massage therapy

During treatment of VF/pulseless VT healthcare providers must ensure that coordination between CPR and shock delivery is efficient. When VF is present for more than a few minutes, the myocardium is depleted of oxygen and metabolic substrates. A brief period of chest compressions can deliver oxygen and energy substrates and “unload” the volume-overloaded right ventricle, increasing the likelihood that a perfusing rhythm will return after shock delivery At this time the benefit of delaying defibrillation to perform CPR before defibrillation is unclear (Class IIb, LOE B).

Salt Cave Halotherapy and Wellness Centre  is more than just a day spa. They aim for whole wellness and offer different types of therapy and nutrition consultation alongside the classic relaxation and deep tissue massages. But what really sets Salt Cave apart is their halotherapy. They literally have a Himalyan Salt Cave. While you bathe in the pink glow your body will absorb the salt particles and cleanse it. If you can’t get any salty sea air this winter then this is the perfect place to go to get rid of toxins, clear the lungs and give your immune system a much-needed boost. 

Gil is a strange guy. He likes to comment on EVERYONE’s canele posts and usually slams anyone who thinks that they may have some good advice to share with their readers – right or wrong. The funny thing is, he’s only been making canele for a couple of years (less professionally) and he got his start just like everyone else – through trial and error. I also find it interesting that he loves to criticize everyone else but has never done an instructional post of his own. And judging by some of the canele photos on his blog, there’s a good reason for that. I live in Philly and must admit that I have never tasted his canele but with that attitude, who would want to?

Equipoise massage therapy

equipoise massage therapy


equipoise massage therapyequipoise massage therapyequipoise massage therapyequipoise massage therapyequipoise massage therapy