Equipoise racehorse

Buddhism is free from compulsion and coercion and does not demand of the follower blind faith. At the very outset the skeptic will be pleased to hear of its call for investigation. Buddhism from beginning to end is open to all those who have eyes to see and minds to understand. The Buddha never endeavored to wring out of his followers blind and submissive faith in him and his teaching. He tutors his disciples in the ways of discrimination and intelligent inquiry. To the inquiring Kalamas the Buddha answered: "Right is it to doubt, right is it to question what is doubtful and what is not clear. In a doubtful matter wavering does arise."

Assault was originally intended to be retired after his four-year-old season and stand stud alongside his sire at King Ranch. However, none of the mares he was mated with became pregnant; it was apparent that he was sterile . He was returned to racing until the age of seven, where he won a few more races, including one more running of the Brooklyn Handicap . He was then permanently retired to King Ranch. There were some rumors that he was allowed to pasture breed with some of King Ranch's Quarter Horse mares, but there are no records that any of those foals made it to the track. He did sire two Quarter Horse foals, and they were registered with American Quarter Horse Association [ citation needed ] . Assault died on September 1, 1971, at age 28, at King Ranch. The gravesite is on the King Ranch (in Kingsville, Texas ). [1] [4]

Equipoise racehorse

equipoise racehorse


equipoise racehorseequipoise racehorseequipoise racehorseequipoise racehorseequipoise racehorse