Haldol i mendilex

Hello to all. First of all let me say, sorry for my bad english. I am 19 years old man, and I need help. Everything started a few years ago when I diseased of social phobia. I couldnt go to school, I didnt go to school for about a six month in my third year of education(high school). Finally I got back to the school and somehow I finished my education. But, that isnt all, now I am a man who really needs help, I can not go to any job because I have panic attacks every single day of my life. Thats really hard, going over that, living with that bad disease. I am shaking, I am sweating, my mandible is stiff, I am fealing like I am going to knock out and so many many other symptoms. I went to a lot psychiatrists and first they gave me a diagnosis and some meds: Zoloft and Ksalol. It didnt help me. My therapy used to be, I used all this meds: Zoloft, Ksalol, Anafranil, Bromazepam, Largaktil, Lorazepam, Karbapin, Eftil, Mendilex. Now I have a F23 diagnosis and I am using Haldol in a pill. I need money for food, for paying my psychiatrist, for clothes, for paying my meds. I also need to pay my Internet connection and I have a big amount of debt to my friends. I dont know what to do. In the past some people helped me but now ther are all gone to the other countries and there is no any person who is really able to help me. Consider sending me some money.

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Haldol i mendilex

haldol i mendilex