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Hullo, just like to inquire. Before doing the testing, did you service the original bearings? Clean them totally clean, removing the original lube? Then doing the test with with the original and boca bearings with the same lube?
I’ve done some tests like this and found there is no difference in distance once you do this. The best way to get the best performance out of the bearings is to clean them up and use low viscosity bearing oil. It’s not so much the bearing “quality”. The new bearings from boca are delivered dry, so they will perform better than the original bearing which are normally lubed with heavy oil.

In a 1981 article entitled "The truth about Unix: The user interface is horrid " [15] published in Datamation , Don Norman criticized the design philosophy of Unix for its lack of concern for the user interface. Writing from his background in cognitive science and from the perspective of the then-current philosophy of cognitive engineering , [4] , he focused on how end users comprehend and form a personal cognitive model of systems--or, in the case of Unix, fail to understand, with the result that disastrous mistakes (such as losing an hour's worth of work) are all too easy.

How do they make testosterone

how do they make testosterone


how do they make testosteronehow do they make testosteronehow do they make testosteronehow do they make testosteronehow do they make testosterone