How to lose testosterone

To further muddy the waters, there was also a study that showed that testosterone levels were actually increased with megadoses (438 mg/day) of Vitamin E. [4]  However, this study had no control.  Plus,. I would urge caution at megadosing alpha-tocopherol, because yet another study showed a decrease in thyroid hormones with megadosing. [5]  One study even showed a slight risk in lung cancer for those taking Vitamin E. [6]

A gradual decline in testosterone, results in our bodies being unable to process abdominal fat correctly.  A hormone in the body called lipoprotein lipase (LPL) aids the breakdown of fat into usable nutrients for energy.  The problem is this:  When there is a decrease in testosterone, the hormone, LPL, increases in activity resulting in fat breakdown and storage in the cells of the body and not used for energy.  Fat breakdown from lipoprotein lipase happens in two areas of the body: the abdominal region, specifically the adipose tissue, and in muscle. 

Simply put, when LPL is increased, the body breaks down fat and stores it in the cells for use later.  Results: higher stored triglycerides in the form of adipose tissue.  When LPL is decreased, the opposite is true.  The LPL in the muscle activates and breaks down more fat as opposed to blood sugar for energy.  This is a good thing!  The body is now using the stored energy from fat as a main energy source.  The problem is this: some, if not most of us, have high LPL activity resulting in more fat storage.

How to lose testosterone

how to lose testosterone


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