Injectables side effects

There are some other side-effects of relatively lesser complication. These include menstrual bleeding which fluctuate from lighter to heavier, shorter to longer. Persistent bleeding can cause anaemia. Other risks are spotting and breakthrough bleeding. You should immediately visit your doctor if the symptoms persist.

The side-effects of injectable contraceptives that are not associated with menstrual bleeding are dizziness, headaches, nervousness, changes in skin colour and rashes. Mood swings, breast tenderness, hair loss, increase or decrease in facial and body hair and weight gain can result from this birth control method. Consult with your doctor for recommendations on whether it is right to continue using this birth control method. You may have to look for another method of contraception.

The injectables are also known to cause decreased libido. They suppress testosterone and thereby result in decrease of sex drive in women. Some other complications or side-effects of injectable contraceptives are –

Injectables side effects

injectables side effects


injectables side effectsinjectables side effectsinjectables side effectsinjectables side effectsinjectables side effects