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For too long, perhaps ever since the war, we postponed facing up to fundamental choices and fundamental changes in our society and in our economy. That is what I mean when I say we have been living on borrowed time. For too long this country - all of us, yes, this Conference too - has been ready to settle for borrowing money abroad to maintain our standards of life, instead of grappling with the fundamental problems of British industry. Governments of both parties have failed to ignite the fires of industrial growth in the ways that countries with very different political and economic philosophies have done. Take Germany; France, Japan - different countries, different philosophies. We are, as you know, still borrowing money. But this time we are not borrowing - if the Government con­tinues on its present course - to pay for yet another short-lived consumer boom of the kind which used to buy success at the polls - or so we were told - but which never bought success in the world’s markets or at the work place. We are borrowing now partly to pay for our huge investment in the North Sea. We are borrowing, too, because other industrial nations volunteer credits, so that our strategy and our proposals for regenerating British industry need not be thwarted by short-term speculative movements of sterling balances - a load we have still been unable to shed. We are determined that this borrowing will be used to act and to press on with the task of rebuilding a regenerated manufactur­ing industry. This time we are not going for a consumer boom on borrowed money: we are going to invest it in our future.

Jean developed the code and this was uploaded to the car in February 2009.  By June, we had made further developments to the code following testing and had a working system in which we could get very close control of the AFRs in each cylinder over the full operating range.

Unfortunately we had also found that the temperature monitoring did not provide any useful data. The CHTs were too slow to react and the EGTs were so much higher for the inner cylinders, due to the siamesed exhaust port, that the data was unusable. We therefore needed another method of measuring AFRs with the turbo-charger in place.

Following on from an idea originally posted on the TM forum, we constructed a sample chamber for each wideband sensor. The chambers are fed by a 4mm bore pipe connected to the manifold near to the head flanges. The chambers are also connected by a 12mm bore pipe to the downpipe after the turbo-charger. Hence the chambers are fed with exhaust gas from individual ports but operate at normal pressure.

Hence, the temperature instrumentation was removed. Around this time, the Innovate LMA-3 failed and we started having problems with the connector on the Innovate LM-1. Not surprising after all the abuse. The instrumentation system was refined to what we now have fitted in the car which is the original Innovate LC-1 and gauge plus an AEM gauge. These both feed a 0-5v signal to the ECU and all data is logged from the ECU.

The turbo-charger was fitted to the car the weekend before the British Mini Showdown in July. We very quickly developed the fueling, ignition and injection timing setting for boost and the car was driven to Avon Park.

Further development to achieve consistently equal AFRs at each cylinder under all conditions is on-going.

The code is now incorporated in the latest alpha release of the MS2/Extra code, version which can be downloaded from the MSExtra forum .

The only problem with waiting until your thirsty is if, like me, you lost your thirst from forgetting to drink water like I did in the 80's. I would play full court basketball for a few hours each day and then I would not drink out of the fountain at the gym because I knew it was not filtered water and then I would forget to drink when I got home and then I would eat dinner and have a glass of wine and go to bed. I never realized that I was dehydrated until I had my blood checked for something else and it was obvious due to the lack of distance between my blood cells that I was seriously dehydrated!

Injecting too much testosterone

injecting too much testosterone


injecting too much testosteroneinjecting too much testosteroneinjecting too much testosteroneinjecting too much testosteroneinjecting too much testosterone