Male sex hormones are produced by

Other side effects include increased risk of heart problems in older men with poor mobility, according to a 2009 study at Boston Medical Center. A 2017 study published in JAMA found that treatments increase coronary artery plaque volume. Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires manufactures to include a notice on the labeling that states taking testosterone treatments can lead to possible increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. The FDA recommends that patients using testosterone should seek medical attention right away if they have these symptoms:

To all of the boys who want to be girls, and the girls that want to be boys:

My heart aches for you. It pains me to see your confusion and struggle in a world that doesn't quite understand you. I know what it feels like to want to be of the opposite sex, to want to be a male and look in the mirror without accepting what I see. To hate myself and feel weak just because I'm a girl. I know what it's like to buy male clothes and hang out with the guys because I feel more accepted and comfortable.

What helped me, what took away my depression, confusion and pain was one man that said "I have loved you with an everlasting love". one man that took the time to see into my heart and say "you are a beautiful woman, I have created you a woman, and I love you as you are". Through Jesus I found my Creator that made me the woman I am, and began to see that it wasn't a shame to be a woman, that I can be strong, bold, beautiful and celebrate the woman I was born. I found my identity in Christ. As he loved me through my confusion, he loves you. Those who are crying for help, this is the best solution. Please write me. [email protected]

Male sex hormones are produced by

male sex hormones are produced by


male sex hormones are produced bymale sex hormones are produced bymale sex hormones are produced bymale sex hormones are produced bymale sex hormones are produced by