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He pronounced the piece "the guitar I've always been waiting for" and began playing the instrument exclusively. It came to be called Lightning Bolt. Garcia met with Cripe briefly backstage at a Florida concert and commissioned a second guitar for $6,500, known as Top Hat, although Garcia almost never played it. Cripe, whose hobby was making fireworks, died in May 1996 when his work shed blew up. He used an exploding firecracker as the insignia on his guitars' headstocks.

CITES regulations concerning the export of items containing certain woods affect any guitar sold ouside of the European Union and which contains any quantity of either Rosewood or Bubinga.  In these cases, an additional charge of £ will be levied per species after the sale to pay for the required re-export certificate.  There will be a delay in dispatching any guitar containing either Bubinga or Rosewood of up to 4 weeks while we obtain the necessary certification for export. As the charge is per species, where a guitar contains both Bubinga AND Rosewood, the charge is doubled to £.  We will contact you following your purchase of any guitar containing a controlled wood and advise of the charge once you have placed the order.  You can make payment for the charge by sending a Paypal payment to us at: [email protected] 

Note that CITES  only  applies to guitars containing Rosewood or Bubinga that are being exported outside the European Union.  Guitars being delivered with the United Kingdom or in the European Union will be dispatched as normal. 

You can find out more information about CITES here: https:///uk/news/new-cites-regulations-for-all-rosewood-species

Mxr eq effects loop

mxr eq effects loop


mxr eq effects loopmxr eq effects loopmxr eq effects loopmxr eq effects loopmxr eq effects loop