Omegon eq 300 mount

The Omegon EQ-500 belongs to the middle range weight class for mounts and can therefore carry telescopes of up to 10kg. You can attach a 200mm Newtonian telescope, a " SC or a 150mm refractor to the EQ-500, so the EQ-500 makes you extremely flexible regarding your telescope selection. Ball bearing mounted axes mean quieter operation Both axes of the Omegon EQ-500 mount run on ball bearings, so the mechanism runs especially quietly. Objects seem to simply float through the field of view, even when making corrections using the slow-motions.  

The NEQ-5 mount :
This mount is a further development of the EQ-5, in a white design. It provides a solid platform for most large telescopes and is excellent for exploring the night sky. Once you have aligned the parallactic mount on the Pole Star, you can easily sight on an object, position it in the field of view, and track it using the slow motion control knobs provided. Fine adjustment is possible in right ascension and declination. The polar elevation at the observing site can be set using the fine scale provided and adjusted perfectly by using two screws. Both a polar finder and electric motors for both axes plus a control unit can be retrofitted : the NEQ-5 is suitable not only for visual observing , but also for getting started in astrophotography . Long exposure astrophotography is also possible with the optional upgrades available, such as the motor kit or the GoTo kit. With a little practice, you will soon be able to produce successful images of galaxies and nebulae. Included in delivery:

Use the Omegon telescope configurator to combine this product with other components of your choice and put your own individual telescope together! Note: telescope does not include focuser. Omegon RA motor for EQ- 300 mount - tracks objects automatically The Omegon motor set equips your EQ-300 mount with electrically powered tracking. Gone are the days when you had to continually make fine manual adjustments. Simply turn on the motor and your favourite astronomical object will remain in the centre of the field of view of your eyepiece. A motor for the tracking axis This motor drives the main axis (right ascension) on your mount. This is the axis which is responsible for compensating for the Earth's rotation. Manual adjustment of objects is hence no longer required. Simply enjoy your observing! - you don't need to do anything but concern yourself with the observing itself. Once you have set an object in the telescope's field of view, the motor will immediately start tracking it. Everything under control - the hand box There are motors available which, once turned on, mean you subsequently have no more control of the telescope. But the Omegon EQ-300 motor set includes a control box which does allow you to keep control. This large black box is easy to use - even when wearing gloves. Two control buttons let you adjust the position of the object in the field of view - especially useful when observing extended objects that extend beyond the eyepiece's field of view. According to the eyepiece and magnification used, you can select a 2X correction speed or a 32X correction speed for more rapid slewing. Show your visitors the stars The time has now come where you can also show your family the stars - and without the object always drifting out of the field of view of the eyepiece and your visitors saying "Where, I can't see anything!" - your tracking motor now keeps the astronomical object under control. Get started in astrophotography This RA tracking add-on set also lets you quickly get into astrophotography. Are you keen on taking photos of planets or of deep sky objects? This is now a simple matter. You can connect your planetary webcam, for example, and you will see the planet as a live image in the field of view. Installation is easy Start with your observing after just a short time - as mounting the motors is quite straightforward using the tool set also provided. The advantages in a nutshell:

Omegon eq 300 mount

omegon eq 300 mount


omegon eq 300 mountomegon eq 300 mountomegon eq 300 mountomegon eq 300 mountomegon eq 300 mount