Reasons for low testosterone

I think I was exposed to this when I was very young. Belonging to a Muslim family whenever a ‘scene’ used to come up on tv, whoever had the remote used to change the channel. I always wanted to see what was happening. Then my elder sisters used to say another word for breast while talking to each other randomly and then when I used to come in they used to go like shh she’s here stop talking you’ll ruin her as well. This made me more curious and so I opened the computer I was very small then around 11 years or maybe 12 I don’t remember and I searched it up online didn’t know how to use google back then so I typed it in address bar and added .com to it and a website came with all nude ladies. That was the beginning. First I used to just watch and then in one video I saw a girl feeling herself so I tried that as well. I remember the first time I masturbated it was hard to get myself satisfied but now it has become easier and I’ve been trying to stop this habit since forever but I fail every time. I feel like I’m trapped. I can’t talk to anyone about it not even my mother. I get so disgusted after I’m done i just feel like killing myself. I don’t want to show this to Allah. I don’t know if it’s true but I heard Allah will show a movie of our lives when we go up and everyone can see it and I don’t want to experience that. Please help me out I’ve sinned so much I’m afraid I won’t be able to recover

A radiator leak is very common and will cause a drop in coolant and engine overheating. Most leaks start  small and if you do the proper maintenance on your vehicle you should be able to spot potential weak spots before they get too bad. At times, a radiator will just pop and you will lose all your coolant in a matter of seconds. I have stood in front of my car with the hood up and the top tank just exploded off my radiator. Luckily, I was at my radiator repair shop and did not have to face a highway break down. Check your radiator during all oil changes and look up into the corners and the seams of the tanks and around hose connections. Most leaks start small as seeping leaks. Catching radiator leaks early will save you a lot of headaches, money and engine overheating.

Reasons for low testosterone

reasons for low testosterone


reasons for low testosteronereasons for low testosteronereasons for low testosteronereasons for low testosteronereasons for low testosterone