Sexual hormones in men

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According to some studies, gay men have more older brothers on average, a phenomenon known as the fraternal birth order effect . It has been suggested that the greater the number of older male siblings the higher the level of androgen fetuses are exposed to. No evidence of birth order effects have been observed in women. The theory holds that the fraternal birth order effect is a result of a maternal immune response that is produced towards a factor of male development over several male pregnancies. [19] Bogaert's hypothesis argues that "the target of the immune response may be malespecific molecules on the surface of male fetal brain cells (., including those in the anterior hypothalamus). Antimale antibodies might bind to these molecules and thus interfere with their role in normal sexual differentiation, leading some later born males to being attracted to men as opposed to women." [19] Garcia-Falgueras and Swaab state that "The . . fraternal birth order effect . . is putatively explained by an immunological response by the mother to a product of the Y chromosome of her sons. The chance of such an immune response to male factors would increase with every pregnancy resulting in the birth of a son." [1] :24

Sexual hormones in men

sexual hormones in men


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