Testosterone test for females

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Diet, alcohol consumption, injury, or congenital conditions can play a part in hormone levels. Low testosterone has been linked to low-energy levels. This can cause a vicious cycle. Fatigue and low-energy may mean that exercise is a low-priority; however, the less we exercise, the less energy we have. It is not uncommon for low levels to affect younger generations. What is not generally known is that men also go through "menopause". Yes, it is true! However, instead of decreased estrogen levels, men experience decreased testosterone levels. The symptoms are very similar to what women experience during menopause. However, men are still able to reproduce.  

Most testosterone hormone is transported through the blood via special carrier proteins known as albumin and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). When the carrier proteins with testosterone on board get to tissues that need testosterone, they will release testosterone so it can perform its functions. In addition to testosterone bound to carrier proteins, a small portion of the total testosterone hormone is known as bioavailable, or free, testosterone as it circulates unattached or loosely attached to the carrier proteins. This particular total testosterone test measures the total amount of testosterone attached to albumin and SHBG and bioavailable and reports it as one testosterone test result.

Testosterone test for females

testosterone test for females


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