Trt treatment

Pack your lunch in an old-fashioned Japanese kura storehouse.

This adorable bento lunchbox is shaped like a Japanese kura storehouse. The design is based on the traditional architecture of tiled roof, white walls on the upper story, and black-slate patterned lower level.

The two-story building and separate roof compartment are big enough to fit a hearty lunch for a hungry student or office worker. Use the two box compartments for main and side dishes, sandwich and salad, or rice and toppings, and pop some candy or a snack in the roof. [US$29, €26]

Professional, well-trained individuals at the treatment programs for adults and youth not only have the expertise, knowledge and experience necessary to effectively assist you in your recovery, but more importantly, they share a welcoming, non-judgmental attitude toward the recovery process. This atmosphere –  cutting-edge clinical standards that far surpass industry standards – encourages effective, long-term recovery for clients in all occupational, legal, and social situations. At ACTS, we treat individuals and families with primary substance abuse/alcohol problems and also persons with secondary co-occurring mental disorders. We treat everyone we serve with personal attention and compassion. Our programs are based on best practice to ensure everyone receives the best quality of care for substance abuse treatment.

Trt treatment

trt treatment


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