Women on testosterone

Historically, it is most interesting that whilst modern society and medicine are concerned that women should have a satisfying sex life, it was not always so. This is far removed from the attitudes in the last half of the 19th Century when nymphomania and masturbation were thought to be serious diseases which led to paralysis, coma and death. There were tens of thousands of women who underwent removal or irradiation of the clitoris to remove their sexual desires although in earlier centuries female sexuality was respected, as we can see from Titian’s Venus of Urbino in 1583. 

Unlike estrogen, androgen levels don't suddenly drop when you reach natural menopause. Instead, androgen production begins slowly falling in your twenties. By the time you reach menopause, you're producing about half as much as you made at puberty. However, your ovaries may still continue to produce small amounts of androgens even after menopause. Some studies show menopausal ovaries continue to produce testosterone; other studies show they do not. One thing is for sure: if your ovaries are removed or damaged, you will go into surgical or early menopause. Some women who experience surgical menopause report a drop in sexual desire and drive.

Women on testosterone

women on testosterone


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